Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Frankly, I can’t remember if the current challenge is still on Surprise because I was too caught up waiting for my impulse buy these 1-2 weeks that I’ve lost track of some things. But I’ve finally collected my fujifilm x100 yesterday on my off day! Oh my, fujifilm has a really nice exquisite packaging that makes you feel like you’ve bought something really good. And the x100 had this vintage feel which really makes it special for me. I love it so much before I even used it. Ha.

I was so excited to use the camera today. I bought a new sd card during lunch and then set off on my random walk-and-shoot after work. It was sort of like a new trail for me and I was surprised to see a nice, peaceful river by the evening sky and then… The magical moment came when I spotted the big round moon and my eyes lit up! Ha. It was like the biggest find of my day, maybe even year, and I was so terribly excited and happy that I couldn’t stop grinning to myself.

This shot was taken with the x100 and sharpened using an application 美图秀秀.


I love the camera, love the moon and most of all, i love the surprise received from both the camera and moon. Ha. It’s going to be a beautiful end to 2012.

©ishotaphototoday2012. All rights reserved.


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