Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Section 217, Row 25, Seat 6. Love A-mei.

I attended her Ameizing concert in Singapore, for the first time, last Saturday. What convinced me to get a ticket was the constant nagging from my friends on how good she was last year, how awesome she is going to be and how I would regret it if I didn’t go. And so I went.

Watching A-mei live on stage was… Wow. We jumped and waved at the upbeat songs, sat and gave our undivided attention for the love songs… Towards the end, she also recounted her journey to stardom in the last ten (over) years. It was very touching and I respected her greatly for what she has overcome to make it here so far, how she continues to stay humble and ever so grateful for what she has.

After the night’s experience, I’m sure I’ll go to her concert next year again.


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