Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes


A backdated entry for the challenge two weeks ago…

I first saw this bird on a grass patch beside the pavement. I stared at it for a while and walked off considering what I could do for the bird when I came back. When I returned,  a kind soul had left some water in a plastic container beside the bird.  I left some breadcrumbs. The third time I walked back, another kind soul has placed the bird in a white styrofoam box, with some water, a lump of dough (made from my breadcrumbs I assume) plus twigs and leaves.

I hope the bird makes it through, if more acts of kindness follow.

Through my eyes,  it seemed like a good world out there. But I also wonder if the bird would much rather wish that we had left it alone.  For instance, when it was still on the grass patch, it seemed more camouflaged. Now that it’s in a white box, with food and water, it makes the bird much more visible and susceptible to attacks from other predators. I wonder then, what story would this bird have left behind.

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