This fateful day.

Had a Facebook reminder that 3 years ago on this date I was discharged  (finally) from the hospital(s) after a three week ordeal from stills disease/ allergy/ dengue etc. 

After 3 years I am still grappling with the condition. Had a relapse on 22 Aug with a high fever of 39.7degrees and was admitted again. But life goes on… as it always will. 

Today, besides celebrating the birthdays of Bilbo Baggins and Mich, and anniversary of my health ordeal… I also went to Labrador Park as part of LSC’s silent walk. 

Good opportunity to enjoy the breeze, nature’s orchestra (waves + cicadas), text and reflections. 

Also attended sewing class in the evening where I customised a new bonito dress and added a pocket in front.  I’ll probably try to glam it up some more later. 

Just to reflect that my life has not stopped entirely because of stills and I hope to grow strong. 

P/s to update also that I’ve miraculously passed JLPT N3 in Jul.  Woohoo! (Albeit not with flying colours.)
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