A camera hoarder shares her new toys…

Taken with Polaroid SLR670-S using Impossible Project Instant Film Black and White 600

In a matter of 4-5 months, I’ve stocked up my inventory again, from

  • Paper Shoot – a simple and basic diy-assembly lomo camera,
  • Lomo Automat – Polaroid using instant fujifilm, to my latest 
  • Mint Camera’s SLR670-S using impossible 100/ 600 instant film

I love them all… although I still haven’t tested out the first 2 cameras on a photo walk. 

Collected my SLR670-S today although the parcel reached me on 11 Jan strictly speaking. It feels really old school with its shade of brown, faded text and retro construct. I was so impressed/ intrigued that it doesn’t use any batteries and just exposes the film. I did have to (try to) open it (with a bit of brute force) at the start… Felt like the vintage refurbished camera had an initial inertia (somewhat like my heavy bones when I get one of my stills flare) to opening its lens but after my “nudge” it came alive again.

Without doubt this is a luxury camera which only an impulsive hoarder/spendthrift like me would plunge into. I always lose rational thought when I see a camera online for sale. Besides paying more than $1k for the camera package, the film itself costs $32 per box of 8 instant film. Each wasted opportunity on a film is going to cost me approx $4 so I really have to be careful about how I use this. Figure I may use this for iconic landmarks in Singapore, such as the Dragon playground in Toa Payoh. In my next photo walk perhaps. 

Till then.
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