From then till now…

From my first completed top to my most recent cheongsam dress

I guess I probably started learning how to sew towards the end of 2015. It started as a way for my friend and I to pass our time after work meaningfully. Even though I’m the only one still continuing the journey, I really enjoyed the process and think I’ll keep carrying on with this passion. 

A kimono that starts its journey from Fukumi Shimura’s studio seems to live forever.  No matter how the owner lives their life, it becomes an essential part of them. It’s a tale that begins with the kimono’s creation and continues for eternity. 

I would like to make a piece that continues for eternity too. Eventually I hope to reach the stage where I can do my own patterns and be able to sew my own unique pieces. And having my own studio in my own house by the age of 35 is just one of the many small steps I’ll have to take to achieve this dream. 

Hold your hedgehog girl! 😊
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