Paranoia of Fever 

Overlocking new fabric but am I too fat to fit into this?

I guess bad luck started on Monday, maybe even earlier on last Thursday… but let’s say it started on Monday – felt feverish after lunch all of a sudden so i spent $120 buying a thermometer just to be safe. Signs of fever at 37.8 degrees C. 

I abandoned all plans to study and headed home after work; went to bed at 9 plus with two fever patches. In between the night, I woke up to replace my fever patch and realised my temperature had gotten to 39.1 degrees. [Ever since Stills, I’ve gotten paranoid with every fever episodes so imagine my panic when I saw the high temperature. My only consolation was that I had no rashes. That stopped me from sending SOS note to my doctor as well.]

Next morning the temperature went down to 38 degrees and I was so tempted to rest at home. But there was an important meeting and so I made myself go to work, half worrying that I may puke on the train ride to work. I didnt puke but encountered two escalators breakdown, slight train fault and severe throat pain. Finally lasted till the meeting ended but work had to be cleared and I stayed on till 2plus, 3plus, 4 then 7pm. Miserable state of mind and of course I couldn’t go for my Jap replacement class. 

Decided to bring my laptop home in case I had to call in sick tomorrow and work from home instead. Night passed relatively well. 

Next morning I wasn’t sick enough to stay home so I went back to work again. Another 2 sets of escalators broke down today. I think I’ve seen spoilt escalators everyday this week actually. Throat is still in pain whenever I try to swallow but fever has gone down thankfully. 

Continue to feel nauseous on my way back… ate half my dinner. And now at 3am on Thursday I have insomnia and a hungry stomach. Plus I have blisters on my feet and fingers from I-dunno-what, and I left my mobile phone in office. Dang. 

Only happy thing worth celebrating this week? I got to sew a little (before realising how much weight I had put on and that I may not fit the clothes I made any more.) 

Argh… lousy two weeks it has been/ will be. Gotta hang on till 24th. Pui. >.<
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