What’s in a photo?

I came across the facebook post on top submissions for the Intrepid Campaign today. For each submission, the participant had to indicate their photography interest, a short description on their image chosen, which represents their style or focus the best, as well as why they choose film (refer to link here > Submissions for Intrepid Campaign)

I found it an insightful read and I asked myself what photography means to me too. I often say I am interested in photography and that I am keen to learn more about the craft. But what exactly inspires or excites me? I’ve often fumbled in apprenticeship/ mentorship applications because quite simply, i don’t know what I am after and I am unable to articulate my dreams. 

Reading these submissions and insights of what the photographers inspires me, even though I’m still a long way behind finding a path. 

  • Why do I take photos?
  • What’s in a photo and the process for me?
  • What gives me joy in a photo?

And there are many more questions which i ought to answer to find my way. 

Apprehensive @shinjuku waiting for train to kamakura by ishotaphototoday, 2017


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