Christmas rain deers at Westgate; the composition felt like a rain deer was looking at its mirror reflection of what was, or what it may be. 

Rain deers - A reflection

It’s going to be a new year soon and what a memorable year this has been.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You


Saw these vintage chairs at an outdoor eating place and had fond memories of the times I visited my gran and played with the cords on the chair.

I also like the nautical colours of the chair – red, blue and white. I can’t resist buying clothes or accessories in these colours, especially white. White is also representative of my peace-loving character. This is the hue of me. 🙂

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Kiddo’s first day at school


My nephew’s first day at school today and he was so happy to carry his school bag. I’m not sure if he cried when grandpa and grandma left him alone with the teacher and other kids though.
On a separate note, I recently changed my mobile to Note 3 and tried taking some shots. Pretty disappointed with the camera functions. I think my s2 captured better quality shots and the user interface was much better. Well, it’s time to whip out my compact for everyday shots.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines To Patterns


A backdated entry as I was hospitalised for a month in two different hospitals to combat a persistent fever and an unknown disease. 

There’s nothing much to do in a hospital actually but I like standing by the blinds to feel the warmth from the sunlight.

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